Separated at Birth: Irish full back Jason McAteer and Bond villain Maximilian Largo

Jason McAteer

Photo courtesy of Sky Sports

Maximillian Largo

Photo courtesy of

Pope and Swift, at times, can be quite lazy. We’re loathe to admit it but we like it when others do our job for us. You can imagine how pleased we were, then, when handed this excellent Separated at Birth on a plate by Alex Webb, a friend of ours (and, dare we say, a reader).

He got in touch to suggest Eire’s finest English-born player Jason McAteer (not an official award, you’ll understand, though there are a few candidates) looks remarkably like bond villain Maximilian Largo, played by Klaus Maria Brandauer in Never Say Never Again. And we have to admit we stood and applauded at the combination of James Bond and Premier League full back knowledge.

Brownie points for Alex for doing our work for us. If you have any lookalikes that mean we don’t have to lift a lazy finger, drop us an email or tweet.

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  • Barrie

    Lol I never thought I’d be reading Jason McAteer and James Bond in the same article…

  • Robin

    How did you make it possible to get together Jason McAteer and James Bond? Really surprising, I like both of them and wish their healthy livings. Thanks

  • Rasel123

    Separated at birth. Amazing, I really feel good reading the story that separated at birth. Best wishes for both of them. Thanks